Ways to Help

Holy Family Radio relies on the generous support of our listeners.  Whether it involves financial donations, prayers, volunteering (time and talents) or spreading the good news of Catholic Radio in west Michigan, it all helps Holy Family Radio continue to grow in West Michigan.

Financial Donations:
Holy Family Radio is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization supported by the prayerful and financial generosity of listeners. Consider making a financial donation to keep this radio evangelization on the air in west Michigan.

Prayer is the foundation of every apostolate.  Please join many others in praying for the Holy Father & all religious, the Catholic Church, Holy Family Radio, and for the conversion of all souls to Christ.  Pray individually and in prayer groups and please include these petitions along with your own.

Volunteers are a vital part of the mission of Holy Family Radio. As a non-profit radio apostolate, volunteers allow the organization to do more, to be more places across the listening area and to reach more people with Christ’s message.  There is a need for clerical/office work as well as help with special projects such as answering phones for the bi-annual pledge drives.   If you have special skills that you feel would be a good fit for Holy Family Radio, please contact us. We’d love to have you join our family of volunteers that mean so much to us.

Spreading the Good News:
We need volunteers who can deliver flyers, brochures and materials to their local parish; people who are willing to attend special events on behalf of Holy Family Radio and distribute information and more.

Holy Family Radio is also in need of young people to volunteer. Whether you’re a junior high, high school or college student, there are many opportunities for volunteerism and personal enrichment. Helping our mission may count toward your school service hours or be a part of a service project. Also, we’re seeking young men and women who may be looking for internship opportunities for college.  Contact us for more information at 844-337-2346.