Category: General African American Spirituality [Catholic Information Center, Grand Rapids]

African American Spirituality [Catholic Information Center, Grand Rapids]

Thu, 4/20

April 20, 7-8:30pm
African American Spirituality
With Fr. Bill Edens, CSP and Rev. Joe Jones

What is it like being Black in America today?  Is “Jim Crow” still a feature of American life?  If so, what form does it take?  What are some practical ways we can better understand being Black in America and develop solidarity with African Americans in Grand Rapids?  Our presenter, Rev. Joe Jones, is the Executive Director of the Urban League of Grand Rapids.  The League is a 70-year old civil rights organization whose mission is to empower African Americans to achieve economic self-reliance, equality, and civil rights. He has many stories to share about the real lives and struggles of Black families in Grand Rapids.     CFD: Evangelization ($10 donation suggested)

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History of Culture and Spirituality in the United States

This series explores unique American cultures and discuss how each group developed its special “flavor” of American Spirituality.  Guest speakers share their cultural perspectives and offer an opportunity to converse in a safe environment about the challenges of culture crossing, especially where there may be a history of prejudice

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