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Our Lady of Guadalupe Traveling Missionary Image [Muskegon Area Parishes]

Thu, 5/3 Sat, 5/19

Our Lady of Guadalupe Traveling Missionary Image

We invite ALL to visit the traveling Missionary image of Our Lady of Guadalupe which is coming to the Muskegon area May 3 through May 21, 2018. It will be visiting St. Thomas, Sacred Heart, Prince of Peace and St. Michael parishes in Muskegon, and St Mary’s parish in Spring Lake as well as Muskegon Catholic Central. This image is one of four digital reproductions of the tilma of Juan Diego, commissioned by the Basilica Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Mexico City to journey as Missionary Images on a Mission in the New Evangelization to bring conversions and a Culture of Life and Civilization of Love.

There are many images of Our Lady of Guadalupe, but the Missionary Images are the only ones in the world with this special title, mission and certification. In 1999, Cardinal Rivera, Archbishop Primate of Mexico, authorized the removal of the miraculous image of Our Lady of Guadalupe from the Basilica in Mexico so that a new, true and exact digital copy could be created. The resulting digital file is the first and only digital rendition of the sacred image in existence completed with the full control and approval of the Church. The digital images are exact-size and color replicas of the original miraculous image. On January 25, 1999, Pope John Paul II blessed the digital file of these replica images.

So, these images are rare, special and extraordinary! Because of Our Lady of Guadalupe’s special mission, they have traveled the world bringing many signs, wonders, conversions, healings and graces. The images have manifested signs such as detections of a heartbeat of an unborn baby in her womb (confirmed by doctors and nurses with stethoscopes) and the shedding of tears of oil and holy glitter. God manifests these signs at his pleasure and delights to give them to help to strengthen our faith and our confidence in the intercession of Our Lady of Guadalupe.

However, these are not just images. They represent the spiritual presence of Our Lady of Guadalupe. The Missionary Images may also be considered as icons because they are authentic copies of the original miraculous image, an icon painted by God and not by human hands.

The Image may be visited at:
May 3 - 8:  St. Thomas [Call for veneration or home visit 231-733-2440]
May 5:  Sacred Heart [Healing Mass 8:30 AM]
May 9:  Catholic Central High School  [9:30 am Mass & May Crowning]
May 9 - 12 Prince of Peace [Wednesday – Friday 8:30 AM Mass]
May 9 - 12 Prince of Peace [Mission 6:30 pm - 9:00 pm]
May 9 - 12 Prince of Peace [Saturday 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm]
May 11 Prince of Peace [Mass 5:00 pm]
May 13 St. Michael [5pm Devotions to Our Lady of Fatima]
May 14 St. Michael [8:30 am Mass]
May 14 – 21 Sacred Heart [Call for veneration or home visit 231-733-2440]
May 18 St. Mary’s (Spring Lake) [9 am Children's Mass]
May 19 Sacred Heart [8:30 am Mass followed by devotions until 12 noon]

For more information, call Gail Smith 231-722-4035
To schedule home visitation Call Father Anthony Britto 231-733-2440

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