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Sat, 4/12

Shalom Media USA will be at St. Monica from 9:30 – 11:30 am on April 12th in the St. Monica Community building (530 W. Kilgore Rd., Kalamazoo, MI 49008) to talk about what is Shalom Media and what is Shalom Festival, amongst other things. The program is as follows and will be presented by Jenson Joseph:

The program will begin with Praise and Worship followed by:
1. Presentation by Jenson Joseph on:
a. Nature of Shalom Media Ministry
b. What is Shalom Festival? Its purpose and unique features
c. Personal Testimony – how attending a Shalom Festival in July 2012 transformed me.
2. Presentation by Jerry George, National Events Coordinator for Shalom Media USA on:
a. Projects that Shalom is currently doing such as:
i. Shalom World Television
ii. Shalom Festivals
iii. Shalom Tidings
3. Update on the work related to Shalom Festival in Kalamazoo
4. Q&A Session
5. Closing Prayer

Please note that refreshments will be provided. I encourage all of you to attend this event because this will be a great platform to ask questions and get more clarity about the various projects of Shalom Media such as Shalom World Television, Shalom Festivals and Shalom Tidings. This would be especially useful if you wish to encourage your communities to utilize the resources of Shalom Media.

Saint Isidore Catholic Church
625 Spring Ave NE
Grand Rapids, Michigan 49503
United States

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