Category: General SoulCore Coing to Holy Family Church Twice a Month [Holy Family Church, Caledonia]

SoulCore Coing to Holy Family Church Twice a Month [Holy Family Church, Caledonia]

Thu, 8/30

Coming to Holy Family twice a month this year!

SoulCore is a movement that pairs core strengthening, stretching and functional movement with the prayers of the rosary. A sensory experience combining candlelight, music, scripture and movement to nourish body, mind & soul and encourage deeper reflection on the virtues of the rosary. SoulCore is not affiliated with any other exercise discipline. It is not yoga, nor are yoga poses or Sanskrit referenced at any time. SoulCore is simply an invitation to discover the beauty of the rosary; a gentle path to grow in virtue and interior peace. SoulCore is an invitation to integrate body & soul in prayer, fully orienting the heart & mind toward Christ, while discovering the beauty of the rosary.

What Does The Workout Entail?
The workout involves a combination of core-strengthening and isometric exercises, stretching and overall strengthening of the entire body. We begin with some basic stretches to warm up the body and recite the Apostle’s Creed. Push-ups are done throughout each of the Our Father’s. The movements vary for each of the Hail Mary’s. And a stretching position of surrender brings us to each Glory Be. Each Mystery begins with a scripture verse and a reflection, offering a time of rest. The end result is a feeling of relaxation, strength and renewal – of body, mind and soul. A preview video can be viewed at:

Soulcore will be held on the 2nd Mondays at 7-8:00pm & 4th Thursdays at 6:30-7:30pm beginning August 13 & August 30. Watch the bulletin for a few dates this year when the class won’t be held according to schedule. Contact Christine Shafer in the parish office with questions. Bring an exercise mat and water.

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