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Category: General Can You Let Go of a Grudge?

Thu, 4/16

Can You Let Go of a Grudge?
Thursday, April 16, 7-8:45pm
Presented by Fr. Frank Desiderio, CSP
Program will be live streamed
Catholic Information Center Grand Rapids
When it comes to forgiving a person who has wronged you, friends often say, “just let it go,” but rarely do they tell you how. Join Fr. Frank as he explores the spirituality of forgiveness which allows us let go of old hurts and raging resentments and helps us to move forward in life. This program gives participants the basic tools and steps to find healing through forgiveness, which is so central to Jesus' ministry and teaching. CFD: Spirituality ($10.00 donation requested) To register call 616-459-7267 or
Fr. Frank Desiderio, CSP, is currently on the Presidential Board of the Paulist Fathers. As President of Paulist Productions, he produced more than twenty-five hours of television documentaries and movies, including ABC/Paramount movie “Judas” which aired on ABC Television. His latest film, “The Big Question: A Film About Forgiveness” launched him into a new ministry of forgiveness and reconciliation. He is also the author of recently published “Can You Let Go of a Grudge: Learn to Forgive and Get On With Your Life” from Paulist Press (2014).

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