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Category: General Fortnight for Freedom [St. Isidore Parish, Grand Rapids, Michigan]

Tue, 6/21 Mon, 7/4

The USCCB has again invited the Church to a period of prayer, education, and action to address the many challenges to religious liberty in our country.

This year’s theme will focus on the “Witnesses to Freedom,” looking at the lives of those men and women of faith who bear witness to authentic freedom in Christ.

St. Isidore Parish will host Eucharistic Adoration and a presentation each evening from 7pm to 8pm from June 21 through July 4. Speakers include attorney John Bursch, Michael Mattheson Miller, Dr. John Pinheiro, Fr. Daniel Schumaker, Deacond Jim Thorndill, and more. For more information, call the parish office at 459-4731

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