About Us

Holy Family Radio is a lay apostolate dedicated to broadcasting the knowledge, love and truth of the Catholic faith. It seeks to attract and bring all listeners to a deeper relationship with Christ, inspiring them to evangelize, to build stronger families and to foster greater unity within our communities.

History of Holy Family Radio

The Holy Family Radio apostolate was organized in January 2008 as a means of Catholic evangelization, education and ecumenical outreach. The desire of the apostolate is to share the life-changing message of the Gospel and the heart of the Catholic Faith. In June 2008, Holy Family Radio was incorporated as a non-profit Michigan corporation.

    • Significant Dates for Holy Family Radio
  • December 28, 2008 – The Feast of the Holy Family – began airing six hours of Catholic programming on 1680 AM
  • February 2, 2009 – The Feast of the Presentation of Our Lord – began airing 2 hours of “Catholic Answers” weekday mornings on 1230 AM
  • March 19, 2009 – The Feast of St. Joseph – received tax exempt status from IRS.
  • October 2009 – Dedicated Holy Family Radio to the Immaculate Heart of Mary at annual Catholic Radio Conference.
  • November 1, 2010 – All Saints Day – FCC authorized the transfer of the license to Holy Family Radio.
  • Dec. 8, 2010 – Feast of the Immaculate Conception – Closing of sale of WJNZ to Holy Family Radio.
  • December 12, 2010 – Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe – Fr. Jose blessed the transmitter property and equipment
  • December 25, 2010 – Christmas – Began airing temporary recordings from transmitter site so station no longer silent
  • March 19, 2011 – The Feast of St. Joseph – Began airing live programming from Ave Maria and EWTN satellites
  • June 25, 2011 – The Feast of St. Peter and St. Paul – Holy Family Radio began streaming worldwide via the internet.
  • August 14, 2013 – The Feast of St.Maximilian Kolbe – Bishop Paul Bradley from the Diocese of Kalamazoo blessed 91.5 FM – WVAV at the new studio in Newman’s Bookshoppe in Kalamazoo
  • August 27, 2014 – The Feast of St. Monica – Father John Fleckenstein blessed our new transmitter site for 89.7 FM in Battle Creek.
  • August 7, 2017 – Bishop David Walkowiak blessed the Grand Rapids studio and the new 98.3 FM station.
  • May 3, 2018 – Fr. John Fleckenstein blessed the new studio for 89.7 FM at St. Philip’s Parish in Battle Creek.

Holy Family Radio Staff

Vince Gale
Executive Director
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Dcn. Jim Thorndill
Development Dir.
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Robert Mulderink
General Manager
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Beth Pfaller
Admin. Staff
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Peggy Manning
Admin. Staff
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Michael Madigan
Program Manager
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