Weather Forecast

The weather can change dramatically and quickly.  That’s why we’ve added the weather forecast to our radio broadcasts at the end of each hour.  We are fortunate to have a forecasting service that records these updates several times throughout the day – as the weather changes.

In order to keep this service on the air, we look for local business sponsors and supporters to help cover this cost through underwriting.  If you enjoy this service, please prayerfully consider becoming a weather forecast sponsor and give us a call at 844-337-2346 with your questions and comments.

Each sponsor receives a brief mention at the end of each forecast during the week they sponsor.  This amounts to over 160 times per sponsored week.  In addition, they receive several thank you messages throughout the rest of the month.  By far one of the best packages we offer for supporters at Holy Family Radio.

For more information, please contact us at your convenience at 844-337-2346.