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Catholic Faith and the Body in a Digitized World

Tue, 1/14

Catholic faith is “incarnational.” As a divine person, Jesus truly became man with a body that walked dusty roads, taught in the open fields, ate with delight, sailed the Sea of Galilee, suffered death, and rose transformed.

In a digitized world characterized by instant communication, avatars and robots, there are many who question the need – even the desirability – of having a human body. This session will explore the enduring gift and meaning of the body, within a culture where technological instruments either assist a life of faith or bring disintegration. CFD:

Theology ($10.00 donation per session requested)

Sister M. Timothy Prokes, FSE, is a Franciscan Sister of the Eucharist. In September 2012 she joined the staff for retreats and spiritual direction at the Franciscan Life Process Center, Lowell, MI. She has published several books including her recent book, At the Interface: Theology and Virtual Reality.
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