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Divorce, Remariage & Annulments in the Catholic Church Today

Thu, 2/25

Divorce, Remarriage, & Annulments in the Catholic Church Today
With Fr. John Gainey, CSP of the Catholic Information Center

Two-part series: Thursdays, Feb. 25 and March 3 at 7-8:30pm
Childcare provided
Holy Family Parish, Caledonia
Suggested $10 donation

Pope Francis says, “No closed doors!” when talking about divorced Catholics. A lot has been said in popular press and in the Church about changes in annulments, the Church’s understanding of marriage and divorce, and much more. Pope Francis has made it clear that the Church should embrace divorced people. But what does that mean right now? In this two-session program, Fr. Geaney will discuss divorce, remarriage, annulments and receiving communion as a divorced Catholic.
Please come or invite anyone who is:
• Divorced or getting divorced,
• Working on their annulment, thinking about beginning their annulment or even resistant to the annulment process
• Away from the Church due to topics related to this session
• Asking about annulments or their status in the Church
• Wanting to be a Godparent or Sponsor but due to the remarriage situation has not been able to do so
• Wanting to know more to be more knowledgeable and loving in how to help others in the Church

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