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March for LIFE - 2016

Fri, 1/22

The office for family life, youth, and young adult ministries is offering the opportunity for young people (grades 9-12) to participate in the annual March for Life in Washington DC, January 21-24, 2015.

The program tentatively includes participating in the national Youth Rally and Mass for Life hosted by the Archdiocese of Washington. The cost is $275 per person covering bus transportation, one night’s lodging at the National 4-H Center, and 5 meals.
Why participate? The March for Life provides the opportunity for Catholics --
 to take a stand for what we believe;
 to experience prayer in the form of pilgrimage with
their peer community;
 to experience the larger Church;
 to experience a celebration of Life.

All necessary documentation and payment is due December 1, 2015.
Registration information has been sent to parish youth ministry leaders and Catholic school campus ministers. For more information, contact Mark Mann at

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