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Movies that Matter! [Catholic Information Center, Grand Rapids]

Mon, 7/31

Mondays, June 5 and July 31, 6-8:30pm
Movies that Matter!
With Fr. Bill Edens, CSP

Please pre-register online or by phone: or (616) 459-7267
Cost: $15 per person/includes dinner

Join us for dinner, a movie, and discussion as we view important movies through “a lens of faith” and find surprising insights on the spiritual dimension of each film.  Movies are often today’s parables and we will discuss inspirational films that illustrate how great faith can transform our own life and the lives of those around us.

  • Erin Brockovich - June 5

Erin is a modern prophet in the Old Testament style.  We may sanitize the ancient prophets by imaging them with long white beards calling forth fire from the mountaintops.  In fact they were the political activists of their day.  What Erin has in common with these prophets is holy anger! This story explores the themes of prophecy, anger, temperance and care for our common home.  The movie stars Julia Roberts and Aaron Eckhart.

  • Witness- July 31

Witness is an explicitly religious story that explores the peaceful agrarian world of the Amish, contrasting it with the violent and corrupt urban landscape.  This is also a story about conversion and pacifism that stars Harrison Ford and Kelly McGillis.

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