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Category: General Beloved Date Night [St. Mary's Parish, Marne, Michigan]

Sat, 1/13

So you've shared an anniversary or two... or twenty... and you've learned a lot about yourselves and each other so far.  But what if our marriage could be so much more?  You are invited to Beloved - the newest DVD release of the acclaimed Symbolon series.

Starting Saturday, September 23 at 5:45pm at ST. Mary's Parish Hall.  All couples are invited to join for a free dinner, dvd and discussion lasting no more than 1.5 hours.  Child care will be provided free of charge.

Registration deadline is Thursday, September 21.

Contact via email: or call:

Steve and Theresa Steffes @ 616-450-1676
Dave and Vicki Benedetti @ 616-450-4502
Rob and Lori Rander @ 616-837-9550

Additional Dates: October 21, November 4, January 13, February 10 and March 7.

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