PSA Guidelines

Free On-Air Public Service Announcements (PSAs)

Holy Family Radio donates thousands of dollars of free air-time to non-profit organizations each year to promote events within the listening area.  We would like to continue this tradition of serving the community as this is YOUR Catholic radio station!  Holy Family Radio relies on our listeners and business underwriters for financial support.

If your organization has a marketing or advertising budget available for this or any event throughout the year, please consider HFR along with the paid advertisers. 

Serving listeners in two dioceses and receiving a large number of requests for public service announcements (PSAs), Holy Family Radio will do all we can to answer your requests and schedule PSAs as long as there is air-time inventory available.

With the significant number of requests and limited air-time available, we cannot guarantee airing a particular live or recorded announcement.

In order for your PSA to be considered:

  • Please send your PSA in an announcer-ready written format at least 4 weeks in advance.  Production of your PSA is provided at no cost.
  • PSAs should be no longer than 15 seconds–approximately 40 words.
  • Content must include vital information: event name, location, date, time, brief description and contact information. Additional details will also be available on the Catholic Calendar at the website.
  • Holy Family Radio reserves the right to edit for adherence to broadcast standards and may refuse any submission and is under no obligation to broadcast or post any information.
  • NOT ALLOWED:  Editorial comments, pricing, political fundraising or candidate information.
  • Please add phonetic pronunciation when appropriate, particularly with names.
  • PSAs will be scheduled from midnight to midnight, Monday through Sunday.  PSAs are aired in rotation during daylight broadcast hours and can be heard during others hours via streaming.
  • We cannot guarantee that a particular PSA will air, although every attempt will be made to accommodate requests.
  • We cannot guarantee returning e-mails or call-backs regarding whether PSAs have been confirmed.

Free Online Calendar of Events

As a helpful, free service we offer an online calendar where organizations can submit upcoming events.  You can submit your event at