Every day, Holy Family Radio hears from listeners who appreciate the value of Catholic Radio programming.  In fact, all across the country, there are now countless stories of how Catholic Radio is changing and saving lives… strengthening faith, marriages and families.  We’d like to hear from you too.  We invite you to briefly tell us your story.  We want to hear how Holy Family Radio is impacting you.  With your permission, we may consider using your comments on air, on our website and in our marketing materials.  Your story has the potential to help change and save lives.

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Testimonials received during the 2015 Fall Pledge Drive:

  • “HFR has challenged us in our faith!”
    Paul & Helen – Grand Rapids
  • “Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life! I am grateful for HFR spreading the Good News of the Gospel.”
    Joe – Grand Rapids
  • “Holy Family Radio is like an echo on a mountain!”
    Julie – Hopkins
  • Thank you Holy Family Radio. It is a great way to stay informed.”
    Anonymous – Grand Rapids
  • “I saw an HFR window sticker on a car and started listening. It has made a difference in my life and I want to make a difference in the lives of others, especially my 7 children and grandchildren. It has helped keep me knowledgeable about what is going on while caring for my family.”
    Linda – Grand Rapids
  • “HFR is doing an amazing job in helping reinforce our Catholic bond within our families.”
    Mary – Scotts, MI
  • “I am SOOO glad that HFR is here! Because of Catholic radio, I listen to the radio again, otherwise I wouldn’t. It helps me keep my mind in a positive perspective.”
    James & Joann – Twin Lake
  • “Really appreciate Holy Family Radio! This is great for new Catholics but we old Catholics appreciate it too. We are always learning.”
    Steve & Edie – Grand Rapids
  • “Holy Family Radio has really strengthened my faith!”
    Marilyn – Grand Rapids
  • “I love HFR! I listen every day as soon as I get up.”
    Sabina – Grand Rapids
  • “The only radio station I listen to is HFR beginning at 6 am until 6 pm!”
    Fr. Don – Grand Rapids
  • “I live in Greenville and am heartbroken Holy Family Radio is not in my area. I feel this radio station is crucial!”
    Marilyn – Greenville
  • “I love HFR! I listen to Teresa Tomeo on the way to work every day, in the morning and receive answers during the question and answers time. I pray the Rosary every day with the radio. I also love Fr. Riccardo’s talks.”
    Shirley – Kalamazoo
  • “I am 72 years old and retired and now have more time to listen to all my favorites on Catholic radio all day…..especially Fr. Riccardo and Catholic Answers.”
    Alisa – Marshall
  • “Catholic radio feeds the soul daily instead of once a week on Sunday!”
    Evelyn – Paw Paw
  • “Fr. Ron of Holy Redeemer Parish inspired all his parishioners to make a pledge. I am happy to do it and I love to listen to 1140 in my car when out and about.”
    Helen – Hudsonville
  • “We listen to HFR everywhere – in the car, the house, the garage, and outside!”
    Jennie and Matt – Ceresco
  • “My husband finds HFR a good way to share his faith with others and recommends others to listen. As a result of HFR he is able to dialogue more effectively with those of different faiths.”
    Mari – Grand Rapids
  • “Every time I’m in the car listening to HFR I’m getting an education about my faith.”
    Barb – Battle Creek
  • “Listening to Holy Family Radio brings a peace and calm to my daily life.”
    Theresa – Grand Rapids
  • “I enjoy listening to the SonRise Morning Show on my way into Grand Rapids. It starts my day right.”
    Rosie – Howard City
  • “Thanks to Holy Family Radio for bringing me back to the faith!”
    Anonymous – Three Rivers
  • “Holy Family Radio is a great blessing to our community. Keep up the good work!”
    Anonymous – Grand Rapids
  • “I’m grateful for Catholic radio and am reminded that “The Lord is good to those who hope in Him.” Holy Family Radio is such a blessing to our family. When the world seems crazy, Catholic radio reminds me of Philippians 4:8: “Whatever is true, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is gracious, if there is any excellence and if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things.” Thank you so much for all your good work.”
    Anonymous – Grand Rapids
  • “Catholic media encourages the mind to contemplate the face of Christ, and as a result, prayer begins to flow from the heart which works miracles.”
    Jenson & Renu – Kalamazoo
  • “Holy Family Radio enlightens me, revives me, and lifts me to the things of God.”
    Linda – Fennville
  • “Holy Family Radio is a great way to start my day and also helps me with our child with Down syndrome.”
    Susan – Marshall
  • “It’s superbly excellent that we have Catholic radio in this area by the lakeshore.”
    Mark & Veota – West Olive
  • “Thank you for all that Holy Family Radio has meant to our family.”
    Stephen & Kim –Grand Rapids
  • “I drive often and always enjoy listening to Holy Family Radio because it is uplifting.”
    Nancy – Grand Rapids
  • “HFR has made a HUGE change in my life. I started to listen to only a couple hours each week and now I listen all day! It not only has impacted my life but my whole family and I thank God for this wonderful gift.”
    Carmen – Grand Rapids
  • “I want to thank all the HFR board members for all their time, prayers and energy. God bless you all and all your work.”
    Dennis & Crystal – Grand Rapids
  • “HFR brings me and my family closer to the Lord! Thank you and God bless you for all you do!”
    Danielle – Grand Rapids
  • “There are so many good speakers on Holy Family Radio talking about what it really means to love the Lord and to do good for others! It helps me think through my own issues. It’s a great inspiration to me!”
    Donna – Dorr
  • “I am a cradle Catholic, but several years now I’ve tried to put God in the center of my life. Now a faithful listener every day!”
    Karen – Rockford
  • “I love HFR! It’s soothing.”
    Ann – Bailey, MI

“I found your radio station on the internet when I googled it and now I am always up at 4am and listen to the radio on my computer after my devotions and rosary at 5 am until 9 am. “


“I will continue to pray for all of you at Holy Family Radio. My husband and I are very grateful for all of your wonderful work.”


“I was in a state of despair and anger – when in the fall of 2014 I starting humbly praying to God to “change me”.  His answer came to me a few weeks later when I turned Holy Family Radio on during the fall pledge drive and heard a testimonial from somebody in my own parish.  I began crying and started realizing that God’s love and mercy was for me.  I had been living the most of my life thinking I was unworthy.  The courageous testimony set me on path to know the Lord and too understand my Catholic faith that I never really knew.  I am learning real Love, real Forgiveness and my blessings have been numerous.  So praise God and thank you to all those people unafraid to share their story and their love of God. It Saved My Life!


“I would like a Grand Rapids Holy Family Radio Station bumper sticker.  6 years ago I saw one on a car in front of me.  I never knew it existed before then.  I am always thankful for that car in front of me.  I hope that by getting a bumper sticker I can let someone know about Holy Family Radio and change their life too!”


Testimonials received during the 2015 Spring Pledge Drive:

  • “Our family listened to Holy Family Radio, went through St. Thomas Parish in Kalamazoo and have converted to Catholicism.”
  • “I listen to Battle Creek 89.7 FM starting at 5:30 AM to pray the rosary while on my way to work.”
  • “I have only been listening for a couple of months now and I am learning a ton about my faith and I am so grateful for that. I want to share it with others and I am growing in my faith!!! I am reading my Bible a lot now.”
  • “Thank you!! This station has helped me grow in my faith! Love Fr. John Riccardo.”
  • “I am so blessed in discovering Holy Family Radio on my 20-minute daily commute to work. The programing has been so spiritually nourishing.”
  • “We have been listening more & more to Holy Family Radio and it has been drawing us deeper into our Catholic faith.”
  • “In gratitude for the hope and spiritual help that I received listening to Holy Family Radio while searching for a job. I listen to all 3 stations while traveling from Grand Rapids to my new job in Kalamazoo. I have all 3 stations saved on my car radio. I am donating to pay it forward so that others who may be unemployed can also benefit from the spiritual hope provided by Holy Family Radio.”
  • “I used to listen to all the political talk shows and my blood would just boil. Now, since discovering Holy Family Radio, the only time I get a little upset is when I am running errands and have to get out of the car and cannot hear the end of the program/conversation!”

Testimonials and quotes from our listeners:

“Holy Family Radio is such a blessing. As a recent revert, I am constantly learning more about my Catholic faith. I have 4 kids, all ages 5 and under, so taking classes and long hours of reading sometimes can not happen on a regular basis.  Just being able to turn on the radio while we are driving gives me the opportunity to learn something new, or just feel connected with my Catholic faith. You have quality programing that I am very proud to promote to others. Thank you for all that you do and God Bless you!”


“I want to tell you how much I love the radio station, the volunteers, and the hours you all put in!  I keep you all in my prayers for health and success. “

Emily F.


When HFR was off the air due to flooding at the transmitter site, April 2013:
“When will Holy Family Radio be back on the air?!  I miss your station so much!  Now that I’ve found Catholic radio, there’s nothing else worth listening to. I’m so tired of all the other talk shows……all the political arguing and such.”

John A.

A man scanning his radio dial discovered Holy Family Radio during a pledge drive.  He was so moved by what he heard after listening for only 30 minutes that he called in a pledge for $100.


“I currently live in Chicago Metro Area, but Grand Rapids is my hometown. Catholic radio has been in the Chicago area for a number of years and it’s been a great support in deepening my Catholic faith.  I think it is great that Grand Rapids now has Catholic radio, and wish to support your station’s operation with the enclosed donation of $200.”  



“We’re immersed in a culture that is anti-faith, and it’s hard to talk about the faith in the workplace. But when you have Catholic radio on, it’s a nice steady stream of solid Catholic teaching  that gives you the support you need.” 



“My 3 daughters were given some Christmas money from their grandma. They all decided to donate it to Holy Family Radio to help support the station!” 



“When I first heard that a Catholic radio station was starting in Grand Rapids, I thought ‘Big Deal!’   But once I started listening, I was completely amazed!  I learn something new every time I listen.” 



“I went to confession and for my penance the priest told me to listen to Catholic radio for 10 minutes.  I now listen all the time!”   



“I am a faithful listener to Holy Family Radio. I enjoy listening for it provides me a peaceful, truthful and above all faithful outlet to our Catholic faith. I find Archbishop Fulton Sheen’s series absolutely wonderful.  HFR is encouraging, a break from the day to day madness and stresses and what the world puts upon us, and it’s a break to get back to our faith.  I would encourage anyone and everyone to listen to HFR to reinvigorate your faith.  It has reinvigorated mine!” 



“People are joining the Church for they’ve learned a great deal about the Catholic faith from HFR.  It’s a good way for people to learn about the faith who may not be comfortable walking into a Catholic church and asking questions.  And it’s also helpful for those who are feeling isolated in their faith for they can hear from people all over the world and know that it is truly a universal faith.” 



We are glad to support Holy Family Radio! It has made a tremendous difference in how we are living out our Catholic faith and raising our family on a daily basis.

Kathy, St. John Vianney


“I want to express my sincere thanks for all that has been done to get Holy Family Radio up and running in our area.  I listen to it whenever I am in the car, and I am so glad to have the inspiring talks and discussions to listen to.  I feel like I can stay in a meditative mood and enter my work so much more prayerfully.  Now that we have opened the Center downtown, I am in the car more, so really appreciate it.”

Sister Mary Margaret


“Listening to Holy Family Radio during the day while I work has helped me to keep my faith at the center of all that I do, all of the time. Holy Family Radio has caused my faith to deepen in prayer and practice.  It is such a blessing to have access to Catholic radio!”



“We are so blessed to now have Catholic Radio in our area! Thank you!”



“Thank you a million times for your perseverance and sacrificial gift of time to bring Catholic Radio to GR.”



“I have been sharing with friends and other parents how much I have learned by listening to Holy Family Radio. Thank you for answering the call to make Catholic radio a reality in GR. Rejoicing with you”



“I love Holy Family Radio! It is all I listen to on the radio in my car.”



“I am so thankful that we have EWTN on 1140 AM. It’s just wonderful that we can now turn on our radio and get Catholic programming! Praise to God that we get this now”.



“Love it that you’re on the air. I can listen on my daily drive from GR to Muskegon. You are Loud and Clear in Muskegon. I prayed the rosary with you on Monday. Glory to God!”



“I love Holy Family Radio! I leave the dial set to 1140 AM and never change it. I did not renew my satellite radio subscription but now plan to support Holy Family Radio instead. Thank you!”



“I’m curious about when or if the Ave Maria Radio program of Fr. John Riccardo “Christ is the Answer” is rebroadcast on WVHF? I found it extremely edifying to hear him speak this morning. I’ve never heard the Gospel presented more clearly, succinctly and powerfully then he did. I’d be very interested to hear that again if you’re going to rebroadcast it. God bless you.”



“I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for your programming. I have been enjoying the Son Rise Morning Show on my way to work. I am not Catholic but I am Christian and sometimes listen to EWTN on satellite. I was pleased to hear about Holy Family Radio from them. Thanks for your efforts so far. I will pray for continued growth in your ministry.”



“I wanted to send a huge Thank You on behalf of the parish of St Jude for all of your efforts to create the radio spot for our upcoming mission. It puts a smile on my face every time I hear it. Well done! May God bless all of your efforts.”



“I have a problem you cannot solve. I’m trying to prepare for an RCIA lesson tomorrow, but Holy Family Radio now has so much content that I have had to turn it off! Talk about distraction! Congratulations on the continuing growth in content. Great, great, great. Praise the Lord!”



“I turned on the radio today, and found Holy Family Radio on the air! Congratulations on getting the station going a day early, Christmas no less! Each new journey begins with the first breath and then the first step. I look forward to listening to the many fine programs you’ll be offering in the future.”