Pledge Drive


Holy Family Radio’s Fall Pledge Drive – October 17 – 19

Join in the fun, fundraising and be part of the excitement for Christ and His Church!  We’re working to be more accessible to parishes, ministries, and organizations in both dioceses and make it easier for everyone to participate in the fun. Tune in to hear your favorite guests and support your local Catholic radio station!!

O Blessed Archangel Gabriel,
we beseech thee,
do thou intercede for us
at the throne of divine Mercy
in our present necessities,
that as you did announce to Mary
the mystery of the Incarnation,
so through your prayers and patronage
in heaven we may obtain the benefits of the same,
and sing the praise of God forever
in the land of the living. Amen.

Archangel Gabriel prayer

If you would like to make a donation to Holy Family Radio, you can do so anytime online.  Simply click on the “Donate Online” button to the right.  Early donations are used as “matching funds” to encourage others to donate during the on-air pledge drive.

Diocese of Grand Rapids – Co-Chair Couple

Diocese of Kalamazoo – Co-Chair Couple
Giving Levels
$1,000+ Apostle Level

$500 – $999 Level

$30/Month Level

Fall Pledge Drive – October 17 thru 19

Wednesday – 17
Live @ Grand Rapids Studio
Thursday – 18
Live @ St. Philips Studio
Friday – 19
Live @ Grand Rapids Studio
7 am Available Available Available
8 am Available Available Available
9 am Available Available Bishop David Walkowiak
Diocese of Grand Rapids
10 am Available Available Available
11 am Available Available Available
12 pm Available Bishop Paul Bradley
Diocese of Kalamazoo
1 pm Available Available Available
2 pm Available Available Available
3 pm Available Available Available
4 pm Available Available Available
5 pm Couple to Couple League Available Available

Grand Rapids Studio:
Holy Family Radio
2504 Ardmore St. SE
Grand Rapids, MI 49546


Battle Creek Studio:
St. Philip Church
112 Capital Ave. NE
Battle Creek, MI 49017-3927

DGR – Diocese of Grand Rapids and DKZ – Diocese of Kalamazoo


A special thank you to all those who volunteer their time and support during the pledge drive and throughout the year.