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Category: General FIghting Porn in Our Culture and Winning [Holy Redeemer Parish, Jenison, Michigan]

Thu, 5/12

A free conference to learn about the dangers of pornography and ways to protect your children and families.  This is for anyone from 11 to 99 years old and open to all faiths and beliefs.

Thursday, May 12 | 7-9pm
Holy Redeemer Parish
2700 Baldwin Street, Jenison, MI 49428

founder of Integrity Restored

Pornography addiction is an epidemic in America. Millions are affected, and Catholics are not immune. Today, pornography use is one of the most common sins heard in confession. There is an urgent need to educate EVERYONE on the dangers of pornography, how to protect families and how to help those who are addicted. Pornography damages marriages, families, careers and personal lives.

To register please call 669-9220 or register on-line at

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