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Category: General Pain, Suffering and Biology of Belief

Thu, 1/9

Pain not only robs us of our happiness but it is also a part of the evolution for our existence. In many cases a doctor’s actions or medication can help us become comfortable. In too many cases pain cannot be “cured.” Incurable cancers, chronic diseases like crippling arthritis and many neurological disorders will plague us and our aging population. The incidence of degenerative diseases is increasing as Americans grow older, and for many, life is full of pain. This chronic pain is accompanied with loneliness, anxiety, and depression that often leads the sufferer through a never ending maze of physicians and procedures in their quest of seeking relief. This workshop will explore techniques to help restore balance and how to handle physical sensations and negative thoughts in a new way. The Catholic Information Center in Grand Rapids is located at Cathedral Square Center • 360 Division Avenue S., Suite 2A • Grand Rapids, MI 49503 • 616-459-7267

CFD: Spirituality ($10.00 donation per session requested)

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