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Lay People in Today's Church

Wed, 1/22

When the Second Vatican Council finished its work in 1965, the role of the laity in the Church changed forever. No more pray, pay and obey! Instead a participation in the Church for lay people that was vastly different than any that preceded it. Father Geaney will explore the Vatican II document that startlingly changed the role of lay people in the Roman Catholic Church in two class periods which build one on the other. The document of the Second Vatican Council, “The Decree on the Apostolate of the Laity,” is not well known among the many created, but says: “The apostolate of the laity derives from their Christian vocation and the Church can never be without it.” If you’ve ever wondered about the role of lay people in the Church, thought it was unfair, or just plain think the Church is saying one thing and doing another, then you’ll want to attend these sessions and have your questions about being a lay person in the Church answered. CFD: Methodology ($10.00 donation per session requested). The Catholic Information Center is located at Cathedral Square Center • 360 Division Avenue S., Suite 2A • Grand Rapids, MI 49503 • 616-459-7267

Saint Isidore Catholic Church
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Grand Rapids, Michigan 49503
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