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Sat, 2/22

Sacred Relics Exhibit and Presentation coming to Holy Family Feb. 22-26th! Open to the entire Diocese~
Over 150 relics of the Saints and some precious relics from our Lord’s Passion will be on exhibit with several presentations explaining these sacred treasures of the Church. The presentations for the Catholic Faith Formation classes will be open to everyone and are geared age appropriately for children and young adults. Come and see, learn, venerate and inspire your faith ~ without traveling overseas!
The presentation schedule is as follows:
Saturday, Feb. 22 ~ 6:30 pm (exhibit closes at 9 pm)
Sunday, Feb. 23 ~ 2 pm (4:30 pm close) and 5:15 pm – CFF HS/Middle School
Monday, Feb. 24 ~ 4:40 pm – CFF Elementary (6:30 pm close)
Tuesday, Feb. 25 ~ 1 pm (3 pm close) and 6:30 pm (9 pm close)
Wed. Feb. 26 ~ 10 am (1 pm close) and 6:40 pm – CFF Elementary

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