Wednesday, January 16, 2019

The Feast of St. Joseph Vaz

In 17th century Ceylon (now Sri Lanka), Catholics suffered great persecution.  St. Joseph Vaz, priest and confessor from India was allowed to travel to Ceylon, the first priest to be there in 50 years, only to be accused of being a foreign spy and jailed. When Buddhist priests’ prayers failed to bring rain to the drought-stricken country, the king sent for St. Joseph.  He prayed in the public square the next day, and rain came.  In gratitude, the king allowed more priests to come Ceylon and St. Joseph was free to bring missions to large portions of the islands.  Today, 9 of the 12 dioceses make up districts started by him.  He died at the age of 59 in 1711, and was canonized in 2015, making him the first saint from Sri Lanka.

 6:00amET: The Son Rise Morning Show with Anna Mitchell & Matt Swaim

  • Dr. John Bergsma discusses the stories the Psalms tell.
  • Mike Aquilina talks about Diocletian, a villain of the early Church.

7:00amET: Morning Glory with Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers, Gloria Purvis & Fr. Vincent DeRosa

  • Ordinary Time: What it means to be ‘anointed’ and sent on mission.
  • Deacon Harold’s shares his thoughts on Ad Orientem.

9:00amET: Catholic Connection with Teresa Tomeo 1-877-573-7825 

  • David Condit shares pro-life media alternatives.
  • The Becket Fund talks about the Little Sisters of the Poor and their on-going fight in court.

11:00amET: Women of Grace with Johnnette Williams 1-833-288-EWTN (3986)

  • Johnnette brings you a teaching on Our Lady.

1:00pmET: The Doctor Is In with Dr. Ray Guarendi

  • Dr. Ray Guarendi answers your questions about family, marriage & relationships.

2:00pmET: Called to Communion with Dr. David Anders 1-833-288-EWTN (3986)

  • David answers calls from non-Catholics and fallen away Catholics.

3:00pmET: EWTN Open Line Wednesday with Fr. Mitch Pacwa 1-833-288-EWTN (3986)

  • Fr. Mitch Pacwa takes your calls on Church Teachings.

 4:00pmET: Kresta in the Afternoon with Al Kresta 1-877-573-7825

  • Fr. Wade Menezes speaks with Al on “In Defense of Faith and Truth: Our Catholic Calling”.

6:00pmET: Catholic Answers Live 1-888-318-7884

  • Steve Ray – Old Testament Saints
  • Dr. George Delgado – Pro-Life Open Forum

 8:00pm ET: EWTN Live with Fr. Mitch Pacwa on EWTN Radio & TV

  • Ave Maria School of Law’s Elizabeth Donovan discusses the horrors of human trafficking and what the Church can do to help victims find healing and hope.

 9:00pmET: EWTN News Nightly with Lauren Ashburn on EWTN Television & Radio

  • Get the Catholic news perspective on top stories and daily reports from around the world.