Reasons for Giving

Reasons to Support Catholic Radio in West Michigan

Holy Family Radio is a listener supported non-profit organization.  This means we rely entirely on the generosity of listeners like you to help keep the lights on, the station broadcasting and sharing the knowledge, love and practice of the Roman Catholic Faith.

Every day, Holy Family Radio hears from listeners who appreciate the value of Catholic Radio programming.  In fact, all across the country, there are now countless stories of how Catholic Radio is changing and saving lives… strengthening faith, marriages and families.

“We’re immersed in a culture that is anti-faith, and it’s hard to talk about the faith in the workplace. But when you have Catholic radio on, it’s a nice steady stream of solid Catholic teaching that gives you the support you need.”  Kathryn
“Listening to Holy Family Radio during the day while I work has helped me to keep my faith at the center of all that I do, all of the time. Holy Family Radio has caused my faith to deepen in prayer and practice. It is such a blessing to have access to Catholic radio!”   Dawn

Every gift, no matter the amount, has an immediate and meaningful impact!  Your contributions will help maintain Holy Family Radio and ensure its future operations.

Leave a legacy. Support Catholic Radio with your bequest and help keep the richness and beauty of the Catholic Faith alive in west Michigan.

Please give generously to Holy Family Radio today.