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Category: General Shine Next Level

Sun, 3/29

Shine Next Level is coming: a gathering for high school age teens on March 29, 3:30-7:30
p.m. @ 3-Mile Project in Walker. We've got Jackie Francois and The Thirsting.
We made it real simple for you...$20 per participant (payment prior appreciated or day of the
event...send to St. Patrick in Grand Haven; checks made payable to “Shine”)...simply estimate
the amount of teens coming from your parish by filling in the online form one week before.
We will accept attendees right up until the day of the event at no extra charge.
Other quick reminders:
Pizza dinner will be served and parishes are requested to bring snacks to share.
Use your parish field trip form and keep it with you.
The contact person for SNL is Chris Epplett. You can email him

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