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Category: General The Virtue of Resilience [Catholic Information Center, Grand Rapids, MI]

Wed, 5/16

The Virtue of Resilience

Wednesday, May 16, 7-8:30pm

With Fr. Bill Edens, CSP

Life’s many challenges create the small deaths and rebirths that characterize human life.  So often it seems that we will not make it through the current crisis.  But a glance back on our life reminds us that we have weathered many challenges.  Each of these times of adversity, trauma, or tragedy have called forth resilience - the spiritual, psychological, and emotional flexibility that has allowed us to grow and thrive in the midst of unforeseen struggles. In this session we learn how to utilize the skills of recruiting, reframing, and resolving in building the virtue of resilience and finding the healing that will make us whole.  CFD:  Spirituality ($10 donation requested)

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